Custom Outreach Services

Don't want to pick sites from our list? Want a fully customized outreach campaign based on your requirements? Let's get started!

How it Works


You send us your requirement.


We reach out to relevant website owners for a possible collaboration.


Once confirmed, our writing team works tirelessly to create a noteworthy piece of content which will include your link placement


Your link goes live!


You can review the published link and article, and request changes if necessary.


We periodically review the live article (and the rest of the website) to make sure your link is safe.

Choose a Package


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199 59

  • 500+ words of content included
  • Placement site gets at least 1000* organic visitors per month
  • Deployed in 2-4 weeks

Recommended for moderate to high competition keywords and niches


2990 2190

  • 500-1500 words of content included 
  • Placement site gets at least 5000* organic visitors per month
  • At least one placement site that gets over 100,000** organic visitors per month
  • At least one placement site that gets over 50,000** organic visitors per month
  • Only placement sites with consistent or improving organic traffic
  • Deployed usually over a period of 1-3 months

* Traffic data based on Ahrefs.
** Depends on the niche
Deployment period may vary depending on the niche. You can also specify your preferred period.
Length of content will vary between 500 to 1500 words to reduce link building footprint

What we've accomplished so far...

  • 500,000+ websites contacted
  • 1100+ links secured
  • 5200+ Prospecting Hours
  • 110+ Niches

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